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Claudia Janet Birkholz

Perfect production, unique experience and thrilling play. Claudia Janet Birkholz unites technical finesse, the passion for music and the enthusiasm for new things of all kind in one person. There is always the experience of the audience in the centre, if she acts as a musician, as a festival organiser or as a film-maker.
Portrait von Claudia Janet Birkholz in einem bläulichen Kreis


Claudia Janet Birkholz is an exceptional phenomenon in her field. The infinite depth of her musical world, her absolute technical control of the instrument and the surprising originality of her interpretations inspire her audience. Her magic comes from telling music in different ways, making sounds speak – opening ears and hearts to a completely new musical experience.

Captivating solo concerts

Every tone climbs up new dimensions of sound art, challenging listening habits, expanding the understanding for music. Surprising, fascinating, hypnotic – if with creative interpretation or new playing techniques of contemporary sound art. 

Claudia Janet Birkholz bei einem Solo-Konzert am Flügel
Frau Birkholz sitzt vor einem kleinen Klavier

Unique Let´s talk concerts

How can we look at Contemporary Music from different scientific viewpoints? What will be the result mixing New Music with art? And how can we wow people who are not normally into New Music? All these questions Claudia Janet Birkholz discusses in the dialogue with renowned scientists and the audience in her conversation concerts “Let´s talk music” and finds unexpected answers.

Premium musical highlights

passionate and sound virtuos

Szene aus dem Film Sonata mit Frau Birkholz im Fokus schwarz weiss

Awarded short films

More and more and throughout the last years Claudia Janet Birkholz engages in the audio visual field. She records contemporary pieces – and produces music videos with the internationally celebrated Polish film-maker Christine Jezior. Repeatedly awarded short films, converting sounds into images, making stories experiential in the emotional sense and on different levels and making the atmosphere of a composition tangible. Moving Film arts, sometimes creating an extraterrestrial impression of scenes.

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